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Hummingbird Creek


2954-2980 Kuehner Dr.
Simi Valley,
Phone 805-584-4400
Things To Do Overview
This 2.3 mile trail extends along and across Hummingbird creek and climbs through gorgeous sandstone rock formations gaining over 1,000 feet in elevation. The trail intersects the Rocky Peak Fire Road where the hiker can choose to turn around, rest at a bench, or continue up the road for an extra 1.7 miles. This hike is on the steep side so bring plenty of water and take breaks when needed! Great for mountain biking and hikers with some experience. The trail in maintained by the Rancho Simi Trailblazers and is patrolled by the Volunteer Trail Safety Patrol, groups of the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District.

How to Get There:
The Hummingbird Creek Trail is located on the eastern end of Simi Valley. The trailhead can be accessed by traveling north on Kuehner Drive. About 0.2 miles past (north of) the 118 freeway, you can find of the trailhead on the southern, or right side of Kuehner Drive. There is a small dirt parking lot to park your car while you hike.