To support Simi Valley's culinary community through the challenges of COVID-19, the Visit Simi Valley To Go program spotlights examples of numerous area restaurants that are offering takeout and/or delivery options at this time. However, be sure to check with your favorite eatery to confirm their current options and to discover other restaurants that are offering such options, as services are subject to change.

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Restaurant List Simi Valley
To Go
Ali Baba's Café1464 Madera Road805-526-8400https://babacafe.comyesyes
All About The Burgers1464 Madera Road805-864-9348https://www.allabouttheburgers.comyesyes
Atlas Mediterranean Kitchen1368 Madera Road805-522-8527yesyes
Arby's1408 E Los Angeles Ave805-638-0233yesyes
Baja Fresh2679 Tapo Canyon805-581-6001yesyes
Bamboo Café2792 Cochran Street805-522-6266noyes
Bao Su A Chinese Cuisine5225 Cochran Street805-210-5121noyes
Barton's Steak & Seafood1627 E Los Angeles Ave805-955-9997yes
Beeps Diner2597 Sycamore Dr.805-583-9836noyes
Betos2325 Kuehner Drive805-578-1568yesyes
Birdie Bar5031 Alamo St805-908-1147noyes
Black Bear Diner2022 1st St805-579-7901yesyes
Bollywood Indian Kitchen1368 Madera Road805-791-3535noyes
Blue Fin Grill and Sushi1390 Madera Rd805-584-9668yesyes
Burger Express and Mexican Grill3200 E Los Angeles Ave805-579-7353noyes
Campos Famous Burritos2149 Tapo Street805-522-8590noyes
Carillo's Mexican Deli2836 Cochran St.805-522-8939noyes
Chef Burger4397 Township Rd805-582-1491noyes
Chi Chi's Pizza5145 E Los Angeles Ave805-526-3393noyes
Chic Fil A2460 Sycamore Dr.805-297-3252noyes
Chicken Bowl1555 E. Los Angeles Ave805-583-1818noyes
Chili's Grill & Bar25 W. Cochran805-527-0377yesyes
Chop It Up1717 Simi Town Center Way805-526-3600yesyes
Chuy's Mesquite Broiler1397 E Los Angeles Ave805-582-4897yesyes
Coconut Crab1555 Simi Town Center Way805-306-1255yesyes
Corner Bakery1555 Simi Town Center Way805-306-1892noyes
Cronies2752 Cochran St.805-583-9999yesyes
Daphne's Greek Restaurant2667 Tapo Canyon Road805-526-0450yesyes
Don Cuco3991 Cochran St.805-583-5944yesyes
The East Coast Pizza Company2667 Tapo Canyon Road805-520-3500yesyes
Egg N Things2955 Cochran Street805-527-0055noyes
El Capitan Mexican Grill2982 E. Los Angeles Ave805-285-0337noyes
El Huarache de Mexico1960 Sequoia Ave805-583-1644yesyes
El Patio2351 Township Ave805-527-5054yesyes
Family Mongolian BBQ2321 Tapo Street805-527-1966yesyes
Fatte's Pizza605 E. Los Angeles Ave805-522-0801yesyes
Ferretiz Grill & Café3200 E Los Angeles805-522-2723noyes
Fire Island Grill1230 Madera Road805-581-1999yesyes
Firehouse Subs1263 H1 Simi Town Center Way805-579-9169yesyes
First Street Family Restaurant2025 1st st805-581-0447yesyes
Five Guys2650 Tapo Canyon805-520-6072yesyes
Funburger2490 Sycamore Drive805-527-2515yesyes
Go Fish Sushi1555 Simi Town Center Way805-581-0101
Golden Panda Buffet1825 Madera Rd805-306-1688
Green House Café2375 Sycamore Drive805-955-9899noyes
Green Acres Farm & Market2918 E Los Angeles Ave805-526-1312noyes
Habit Burger Grill2906 Tapo Canyon805-527-4500noyes
Hikari Sushi690 E Los Angeles Ave805-522-1416yesyes
Huarache Xpress1555 Simi Town Center Way805-422-8858yesyes
Imperial Chinese5772 E. Los Angeles Ave805-522-0667yesyes
Indian Haweli1750 E Los Angeles Ave805-520-1236yesyes
In-N-Out Burger2600 Stearns Street800-768-1000nono
Islands Restaurant1213 Simi Town Center Way805-577-0693yesyes
Izakaya Sushi K5708 E Los Angeles Ave805-210-5548
Jerry's Coffee Shop4817 E Los Angeles Ave805-526-1652
Jersey Mike's2902 Tapo Canyon Road805-579-7808yesyes
Junkyard Café2585 Cochran Street805-520-5865noyes
Ken of Japan4340 Cochran St.805-527-6490yesyes
Kimchi Korean BBQ2381 Tapo Street805-579-9217nono
KreAsian Kitchen3068 Cochran Street805-638-0255yesyes
Larsen's Grill1555 Simi Town Center Way805-522-4800
Love Sushi2941 Cochran Street805-526-2008yesyes
Luna Llena2760 Tapo Canyon Road805-210-5022noyes
Macaroni Grill2906 Tapo Canyon805-306-1303yesyes
Maria's Restaurant2513 Sycamore Drive805-526-5016yesyes
Marie's Café660 E Los Angeles Ave
Marilyn's Mediterranean Kitchen2810 E Los Angeles Ave805-210-5944
MB Grille1161 Simi Town Center Way805-210-7640
M&B Steak and Seafood2521 Sycamore Dr.805-624-7959yesyes
MC Donalds2423 Galena805-578-7400yesno
MC Donalds2605 Yosemite805-582-2305yesno
MC Donalds2375 Tapo St.805-526-2222yesno
MC Donalds1495 LA Ave805-527-9975yesno
Mega Sushi2868 Cochran Street805-583-5299
Mission Burrito2161 Tapo St805-955-9313yesyes
MOD Pizza2941 Cochran Street805-842-4442noyes
Olivio's Trattoria585 E Los Angeles Ave805-791-3705yesyes
Old Susana Café1555 Kuehner805-582-2600yesyes
Palapa660 E. Los Angeles Ave805-582-2420yesyes
Panera2900 Cochran
Panda Bowl2311 Tapo St.
Panda Express2667 Tapo Canyon Road
Pho So 12837 Cochran Street805-306-1868
Poki Stop1263 Town Center Way
Popeye's1883 Erringer Rd.
Presto Pasta1860 Erringer Rd805-624-7756
Red's Barbecue & Grillery3090 Cochran Street805-581-9076
Rock n Roll Café2196 Tapo Street805-584-2233
Sake 2 Me Sushi3885 Cochran Street805-527-9999
Sapporo Premium Ayce Sushi2845 Cochran Street805-210-5188
Santour Kabobery1229 Simi Town Center Way
Sharky's2410 Sycamore Dr.
Simi Thai Cuisine2355 Tapo Street805-522-4226
Subcontractor Sandwiches1420 E Los Angeles Ave
Subway restaurants
Sushi Tanaka3977 Cochran Street805-306-1374
Sutters Mill2885 Cochran Street805-520-4797
Taqueria El Maizal1609 Royal Ave805-955-0844
TGIF2795 Tapo Cyn
Thai Kitchen995 E Los Angeles Ave805-581-8049
Thai Noodles2090 1St Street805-306-5941
The East Coast Pizza Company2667 Tapo Canyon Road805-520-3500
The egg house1470 E Los Angeles805-526-3305
The flying Yolk2902 Tapo Canyon Road805-210-5015
The Hat1308 E Los Angeles Ave805-579-0007
The Natural Café2667 Tapo Canyon Road805-527-2272
The Sandwich Spot3060 Cochran Street805-210-5590
Tio's Café2248 Tapo Street805-638-0240
Tomodachi1407 E Los Angeles Ave805-579-0206
Top Chef Korean BBQ1970 Sequoia Ave805-791-3166
Toppers Pizza Place2408 Erringer Road805-495-4444
Urbane Café2091 Madera Road805-577-1000
Wingstop2655 Tapo Cyn805-520-9464
Yolanda's590 E. Los Angeles Ave805-306-9933