Action! Simi Valley is a versatile location for filming.

Looking for your next television or film location? Simi Valley is located just outside of Los Angeles and offers a variety of settings and venues for your next project. From dramatic mountain landscapes and rocky cliffs, to manicured gardens, there are dozens of locations to choose from. Our more than 670 comfortable hotel rooms and convenience to Los Angeles makes Simi Valley an excellent setting for your next production. 

The Corriganville Movie Ranch is the stuff of local legend and lives on, now as a spacious, gorgeous park and hiking destination, even past its use as an active filming location.  Its history is nearly as much a part of Hollywood lore as many of the films shot there.  But the legacy of timeless cinema filmed in this beautiful region shows no signs of slowing down.

What Television Shows and Films Were Shot in Simi Valley, CA?

"The Big Lebowski"

The film's infamous spiked White Russian may have been made by Jackie Treehorn in Malibu, but the movie itself was partially filmed in Simi Valley.  You don't have to be a brother Seamus to deduce why Simi Valley is such a desirable cinematic spot. 

"Captain America: The First Avenger"

Our most patriotic hero made his leap to the silver screen by way of Simi Valley. The movie brought the 1940s to the 2010s and (with the help of actor Chris Evans) brought Steve Rogers to life as a walking, talking, relatable hero to kids and grandparents alike.

"Django Unchained"

The D may be silent, but the word is getting around on Simi Valley as a hot filming location, with sites like the Big Sky Movie Ranch being used during production. Tarantino's film has a certain darkly comedic sequence of spiritually misguided miscreants trying to "see" their way through a particular situation that was filmed on the ranch.


The Big Sky Movie Ranch was also used in Michael Bay's adaptation of the popular cartoon about good and evil mechanized shapeshifters. This likely makes it the only ranch where your chances of seeing a gigantic robot might actually be greater than those of seeing livestock.


The Hummingbird Nest Ranch is another Simi Valley location long favored by filmmakers and television directors looking for the perfect natural backdrop to make their fictional worlds align with our real one. The naval crime drama NCIS has shot on the ranch, proof that the best way to solve crimes on the sea is by starting in a valley.

​"Star Trek: The Next Generation"

One visit to Simi Valley and you'll want to be assimilated too. Stardate: ASAP.

"Little House on The Prairie"

Even Michael Landon took the off-ramp on the Highway to Heaven to make a stop in Simi Valley to film both that beloved drama and this TV adaptation of the Laura Ingalls Wilder classic.


Ponder the Ponderosa with a visit to the ranch where fourteen seasons of Western storytelling played out in grand, but realistic, American narrative tradition.


The late, great Tobe Hooper made clowns terrifying for even those brave few who weren't already afraid of them, with this story of Carol Anne Freeling and the various ghosts and ghouls that gravitate toward her. The house where the supernatural mayhem went down is in none other than Simi Valley.

"Quantum Leap"

Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell headlined this off-kilter sci-fi series about a man who changed identities like most people change contact lenses. The show's producers made the leap into the ever popular Simi Valley for another live action tale set against the backdrop of the Big Sky Movie Ranch.

"Men In Black"

Star Trek isn't the only production to go beyond the earthbound appeal of Simi Valley, as demonstrated by this classic comic adaptation about interstellar G-men.

and many more...

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