#MeetSimi Series featuring Skatelab’s Todd Huber

A Favorite Simi Son

Todd Huber, owner and founder of Skatelab, Simi Valley’s highly accredited indoor skate park and museum, knows more about the city of Simi Valley than most. The park itself opened in 1997 to the public, but Huber himself has been in Simi Valley his entire life.

His knowledge and love for the city of Simi Valley stemmed from his dad, Mayor Bob Huber at an early age.

“I feel like I was able to make a good fit for myself here. My family is here and my friends so I am proud that Skatelab is in Simi,” says Todd.

Skatelab Wall of Skateboards

The community and family atmosphere that Skatelab provides has a lot to do with Todd Huber’s vision to carry out Simi Valley’s small town vibe.

“It is a small town compared to LA. There aren’t any major freeways going through but that is what I like about it,” says Todd.

Todd sets himself apart from a lot of business owners because he takes the time to know every person’s name as they walk through the door.

“The one thing we really try to do is connect with the people when they are here,” says Todd.

Skatelab not only brings in local skaters and their families, but people come from all over the world. The combination of the indoor skate park and a museum draws children, teenagers, and adults into the quaint town of Simi Valley.

Skatelab Bicycle

Bringing It All Back Home

“Most of my friends don’t live here anymore. They moved to places they felt were cooler, but I didn’t want to. I liked it here,” says Todd.

Simi Valley may not have the flashing lights like Los Angeles, but having to get off the beaten path of the 101 freeway is what makes it a charming destination for a place like Skatelab.

“I get a lot of celebrities to come to Simi,” says Todd.

Legends like Tony Hawk and Patti McGee are both hall of fame inductees in the museum. Celebrities like Justin Bieber and Britney Spears, to name a couple, have also spent hours at the indoor skate park.

Skatelab Hall of Fame Inductees

The museum has over 5,000 skateboards showcased and receives over 50,000 visitors each year, creating a lot of business for Simi Valley’s local restaurants and hotels.

Todd Huber’s passion lies in teaching kids how to skateboard, but he has been able to combine that passion with his dedication to Simi Valley.

Personable, hospitable, and pleasant are the qualities that Todd Huber exuberates and tries to extend to the region where he makes his home.

“I feel like I have done right by everyone here,” says Todd.

Todd Huber has created a phenomenon in Simi Valley and brings people together through skateboarding. Skatelab offers not only a fresh skateboarding scene, but also provides the public a deeper understanding of history through Todd’s passion to keep the museum alive.

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