3 Rehearsal Dinner Ideas in Simi Valley

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3 Rehearsal Dinner Ideas in Simi Valley


Rehearsals Dinners, like any other prenuptial event, can add stress as you struggle to plan and set-up. Whether you’re someone that has a general idea of where you’d like to have your Rehearsal Dinner, or someone that has absolutely no idea—we have put together a list of general venue suggestions to help you take the first step in planning your Rehearsal Dinner!

1. Hotels

Simi Valley’s Best Western is the perfect choice for making planning easy. Their venues are beautiful and they have the resources to make your rehearsal dinner as unique as you are.  Hopefully, your guest block is there too, out-of-towner’s staying at one of these hotels for your big day will thank you for picking a space that’s in such close proximity!

2. Restaurants

Restaurants are a famliar Rehearsal Dinner choice simply because they typically include access to a private room, lots of menu choices, event decor and a staff entirely capable of taking care of all your dinner needs. Larsen’s and Macaroni Grill in Simi are always a great choices as they both provide a formal dining experience with upscale ambiance. Additionally, many couples often choose a spot that they both like or frequent, or even a favorite date spot. If you’re honeymooning in Mexico, perhaps a private dinner at Simi’s Yolanda’s restaurant will suit your tastes!

Overhead view of place-settings for a family rehearsal dinner

3. Natural Venues

Simi Valley is known for its gorgeous views, beautiful outdoor landscapes, and numerous hiking trails. So, it only makes sense that one potential rehearsal dinner venue could be one of Simi Valley’s numerous parks. Outdoor Rehearsal Dinners are becoming quite popular because nature’s simplicity is beautiful and easy to work with in creating your ideal rehearsal dinner set-up. You can keep it casual with a cute barbecue and picnic, or dress up a formal dinner with lights, candles, and beautiful table decor. Parks are a great choice because your space can be made to taste, and you can create the experience your way.

Outdoor rehearsal dinner in the grass, back-lit with the setting sun

In whatever venue spaces you choose for your rehearsal dinner, delight in the fact that it is meant to be more casual and intimate than your big day. Other than that, there really are no rules! You can stay with tradition and pick a hotel or restaurant for your rehearsal dinner, or you can create your own dinner space outside. Ultimately it’s your moment with your closest guests. So have fun with it—happy planning!

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