How to Make the Perfect “Welcome” Bag for your Out-of-Town Wedding Guests

Wedding planning and preparations make for a very busy couple prior to the big day, this is especially true as that day gets closer and guests begin to arrive. Due to the fact that couples simply won’t be able to greet all their guests when they arrive to their hotels, welcome bags are a great way to make your guests’ stay more comfortable, especially if your guests have traveled far to be there. To help you put together your own welcome bags, we’ve put together a list of welcome bag essentials to get you on your way.

The Bag

Great welcome bags are often baskets or totes that correlate with the wedding theme and can be used again. Typically, its best to stay away from bag designs that are personalized or monogramed, and ensure they’re somewhat practical for future use. Blank tote bags are always a great idea, especially since we’re so close to the beach and great hiking trails!

Snacks and Drinks

Sweet and savory snacks are crucial components to your welcome bag. Your guests may arrive too late for dinner or just before, and they might even arrive sometime around lunch time and be too tired to seek out a meal. Either way, providing them with refreshments like waters, granola bars, beef jerky, or trail mixes is a definite must! As a general rule, its also good to provide goodies that are indicative of the surrounding areas. Since Simi is historically hillsides, ranches, and hiking, all the above snacks would be suitable choices!

Map and Itinerary of Wedding Festivities

Maps of Simi and of surrounding areas, as well as directions to the wedding venue are helpful for out-of-town guests that plan on venturing around the area independently. There are many attractions that are in and well within driving distance from Simi, so guests should know what and where those attractions are! An itinerary of the wedding activities is also a good idea so everyone knows what to expect and when.

A Few of your Favorite Things

This is the part where you and your fiancee get to be creative! You can include quirky gifts and things that are indicative of you as a couple; perhaps a CD with your favorite songs on it or a book that you both like. Another good option: a hand-written “thank you” note, which would make any guest feel special! It can be anything as long as it’s significant to you both as a couple.

However you do with your welcome bags—make them yours!

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