How to Plan Wedding Transportation for your Guests

How to Plan Wedding Transportation for your Guests

If you have many out-of-town guests in attendance on your big day, then you may be thinking about ways to make it easier on them (and yourself) to get to and from your wedding venue. While many welcome bags include a map or directions to and from the wedding location that are helpful for those who don’t know the area, it may be a good idea to also think about alternative means of transportation to keep everyone together and as a courtesy for those who embibe.

Hotel Shuttles

If your guests are staying at either Simi Valley’s Best Western or Grand Vista Hotels, the hotels can arrange shuttle services to take your guests where they need to go.

Private Shuttle Services

If you choose to reserve shuttle services for them independently: Roadrunner, Pegasus and Modern Classic Limo Company are great local choices.

Other options

Uber and Lyft are also viable options as many people now have access to those apps on their smartphones and there are plenty of drivers in Simi during the wedding season!

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