Plan the Perfect Mountain Biking Trip in Simi Valley

On the western edge of the San Fernando Valley and surrounded by the stunning Santa Susana Mountains, Simi Valley’s terrain offers a diverse range of mountain biking trails for riders of all skill levels. Seasoned pros can carve epic turns and get technical, while beginners can look forward to gorgeous views on groomed trails. Planning an unforgettable mountain bike trip in Simi Valley may appear challenging, but we’re here to lead you through the essential steps to create the perfect biking adventure on our stunning trails.

1. Choose the Right Time to Visit

Simi Valley’s Mediterranean climate makes it suitable for year-round mountain biking. However, to ensure an enjoyable trip, consider the following factors when choosing the best time to visit:

  • Weather: While Simi Valley typically experiences mild weather, it’s wise to avoid the hottest summer months. Spring and fall offer more pleasant temperatures for mountain biking.
  • Wildflowers: If you’re a nature lover, visit during spring when the wildflowers are in full bloom, creating a breathtaking backdrop for your rides.

2. Choose the Perfect Trails

Simi Valley offers a variety of mountain biking trails, each with its unique characteristics and challenges. Make sure to research and choose trails that match your skill level and preferences.

Here are some popular mountain bike trails to consider:

  • Sycamore Canyon Trail: A beginner-friendly trail that’s perfect for novices. It offers scenic views and a relatively easy ride.
  • Las Llajas/Chumash Trail: Intermediate to advanced riders will enjoy the mix of singletrack and fire roads, with opportunities for challenging climbs and descents. The trail is a steady uphill climb followed by a very rewarding fast flowy downhill.
  • Rocky Peak Trail: This is a popular 4-mile trail for experienced riders seeking a thrill. This trail provides steep climbs, rocky terrain, and stunning views of the valley.
  • Hummingbird Trail: 3.9-mile loop technical trail with various rock gardens and tight turns that will test your skills.

For a complete list of trails along with technical specs, visit Trailforks!

3. Where to Gear Up

Need a tune-up, tubes, or a part? Maybe a new bike? Simi Valley’s locally owned and operated bike shops and rental services are available to meet all your cycling needs. The stops are all highly rated and expert staff provide valuable insights and recommendations to ensure your mountain biking experience in Simi Valley is a smooth and enjoyable one.

Check out these local favorites:

  • All Pro Bike Shop at 2385 Tapo Street has provided bike services for Simi Valley for over three decades! All Pro serves cyclists of all types with sales, services, parts and accessories.
  • Bicycle Nerd Elite at 2315 Kuehner Drive #110 specializes in one-to-one service. This highly-rated shop offers sales, service, parts and accessories.
  • The Bike Guy at 2687 Cochran St provides a one-stop destination for sales & repairs of new and used bicycles.

4. Where to Stay

Simi Valley boasts a range of mountain bike-friendly hotels that cater to the needs of avid cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts. Many of these hotels are conveniently located near popular mountain biking trails, making it easy for you to access the trails. After a day on the trails, relax in comfortable, cyclist-friendly rooms and enjoy amenities such as a hot tub or swimming pool to soothe your muscles.

Here are a few hotels with bike-specific amenities:

Holiday Inn Express – Offers convenient and secure bike storage facilities for guests.

Best Western Posada Royale Hotel & Suites and the Motel 6 both have in-room bike storage available.

With their commitment to providing a seamless biking experience, these mountain bike-friendly hotels in Simi Valley ensure that your stay is not only comfortable but also enhances your overall mountain biking adventure.

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5. Where to Fuel Up!

Start your adventure right with a variety of excellent options for cyclists to grab a hearty meal or quick snack before hitting the trails. Local cafes, delis, and restaurants near popular biking destinations provide delicious and energizing choices. Whether you prefer a nutritious pre-ride breakfast, a protein-packed sandwich, or a refreshing post-ride smoothie, you’ll find all the options you need.

Here are a few healthy options to get you started:

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Simi Valley offers a mountain biking experience that is hard to match, with its diverse terrain, stunning vistas, and endless opportunities for adventure. So, gear up and get ready to embark on an incredible mountain biking journey in our beautiful SoCal destination.

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