2-Day Hiking Itinerary in Simi Valley

2 day hiking itinerary

Leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind you and spend some time in nature in the charming city of Simi Valley. Located just 40 minutes from Los Angeles, Simi Valley is the perfect weekend getaway for those looking to escape rush hour commutes and concrete chaos.

Leave the stress of the city in the rear view and explore Simi Valley’s 50 miles of hiking trails. For the perfect two-day trek, we’ve put together a moderate hiking itinerary for people looking to explore the best of Simi Valley’s trails.


Day #1: Coquina Mine via Las LLajas Canyon

Trail length: 6 miles

The first day of hiking offers pristine views, stunning limestone formations, an oak canyon, and an abandoned mine. Today, hikers will log six miles.

Start on the Las Llajas trailhead, which is a dirt road that descends into the canyon.

About three miles in, hikers will traverse several switchbacks that provide a sneak peak of the mountain views.

Continuing the climb, hikers will encounter remnants of an old mine, and will shortly reach a large steam shovel perched on a hill. That shovel marks finale of the trip. From this point hikers see panoramic views of the mountains and the Anacapa and Santa Cruz Islands in the distance.

Make your way back down the mountain and get some rest at one of Simi Valley’s finest hotels.

Where to get started: The trailhead is located at 5715 Evening Sky Drive.

Rocky Peak Trail

Rocky Peak Trail

Day #2: Rocky Peak Trail

Trail length: 5 miles

After a good night’s rest, it’s time to hit the trails once again. Today, head for Rocky Peak. An almost five-mile climb up the Santa Susana Mountains takes hikers to an incredible, 2,715-foot high view of Simi Valley and surrounding mountains.

The hike starts off on an easy-to-maneuver fire road, but once the road ends hikers have to scale some rocks to reach the summit. Along the way, hikers will find a natural sandstone wind cave, where mountain breezes have carved a golden tunnel of soft rock. It’s worth a stop and a few pictures.

After exploring the cave, continue the trek to the top. You’ll pass the one solitary oak tree that exists on the trail, which is also a good photo stop.

A bit further and hikers will reach the top of Rocky Peak, which is one of the highest points in the mountain range. The panoramic view at the top is worth the climb.

Where to get started: Take Route 118 to exit 32 for Rocky Peak Road, park at the end of the off ramp, overflow parking is also available on the other side of the bridge

Stagecoach Feature 500x360

Stagecoach Trail

Day #2: Stagecoach Trail

Trail length: 0.5 miles

You have time to squeeze in one more hike on your two-day trek. If you’re up for it, cap off the day with a short half-mile hike along Stagecoach Trail. The trail was originally created in 1859 to make it easier for stagecoaches to travel through the mountains. The road remained in service for 34 years and is now a dedicated historical site.

It’s considered a moderate hike, with some rocks to climb and limited shade.

Hikers will find a plaque marking the trail’s significance and breathtaking views at the top of the trail.

Where to get started: The trailhead is on the eastern end of Lilac Lane off of the Old Santa Susana Pass Road.

This two-day itinerary makes the perfect weekend escape, but of course, there are many trails to choose from in the city. Here’s a quick list of additional hiking trails in Simi Valley to explore.

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