5 Top Trails to Hike in Simi Valley

Hiking Simi

One of the coolest things about Simi Valley is that the city is surrounded by breathtaking, natural landscapes. Our mountains, hillsides, and open spaces have attracted Hollywood filmmakers since the 1930’s and drawn constant attention to Simi Valley’s wedding venues; all consistently featured in prominent wedding magazines and publications for their charm and stunning views.

From the sandstone rocks that decorate the Hummingbird Trail, to the Acorn trees that line Corriganville Park, there is no green space in Simi that lacks in beauty and appeal. Luckily for everyone, Simi Valley’s outdoor spaces are also covered in fifty miles of hiking trails, and while there are many trails to explore, we’ve compiled a list of those you should definitely check out.

1. Corriganville Park

Corriganville Simi Valley

Corriganville is interesting for two reasons: the first being that the area was used extensively throughout twentieth century as a film set for countless motion pictures; the second reason being that the park is still very much covered with the old remnants of those film sets. Walking along the trails, you can see the concrete gorge that was used for river and water scenes , as well as the foundation layouts of where old set buildings stood.

Aside from that, there is really something magical about the aged oak trees that grace the park; there’s a rustic and wild ambiance to them, which is probably the reason they were featured in many western films and bestowed the name Robin Hood Forest.

  • Easy walk with little to no incline (excludes Nature Trail)
  • Kid-friendly (easy to walk) 
  • Tables and rest areas throughout the park

2. Rocky Peak

Rocky Peak Simi

This trail is great for anyone looking for a good work-out, that’s for sure! The concrete ramp that you initially walk up to get to the trail is a good indicator of what to expect ahead, which is a consistent incline (at least that’s what it seems like)!

However, that must be the price paid for such a scenic hike, as you can see extensive views of both the San Fernando Valley and Simi Valley while hiking the peak. One should note that the trail holds true to its name, Rocky Peak, so be sure to wear good sturdy shoes that’ll provide you with the traction needed to step safely onto sandy rocks and keep your feet comfortable along the way.

  • Walk with consistent and sometimes uneven incline 
  • Kid-friendly (ages: 7+ due to uneven terrain)
  • Some benches for rest and scenic views

3. The Hummingbird Trail

Hummingbird Trail Simi

A magical nature walk if there was one! However like Rocky Peak, this trail is also on an incline that’s rocky and uneven. What I liked about the trail was how much the terrain changed throughout the hike. It starts out walking through grassy hills, a stream bed, and trees. Then you move on to the base of the mountain, which has cool rock formations.

Gradually, you’ll begin to walk up the rocky mountain face that features a few flowery plants and shrubbery that dissipate as you progress up the formation. You’ll then find yourself walking up rocks; seeing caves and trenches that look as cool as they are deep, and be amazed at how gorgeous the scenery is. Best time to hike this trail? SUNSET! The views will take your breath away!

  • Walk with consistent and sometimes uneven incline 
  • Kid-friendly (ages: 7+ due to uneven terrain)
  • No rest areas with benches and chairs

4. Long Canyon

Long Canyon Simi

The Long Canyon hike is truly a dive into the hills that decorate the Wood Ranch area of Simi Valley. The Long Canyon trailhead takes you through rocky and shrubbery areas that lead to charming creeks, peaks and open meadows. Hikers will find the trail easier to walk as the incline can be more gradual than Hummingbird or Rocky Peak (depending on the trail you take).

Since hikers are consistently surrounded by abundant greenery, the hike is that much more enjoyable. Views from this hike include the vast hillsides and mountains that border the city of Simi, and they’re truly spectacular! Please note that this trail is covered in plants that sometimes make it more difficult to see what’s ahead, so be sure to watch for rattle snakes (especially in the Spring and Summer months!).

  • Walk with consistent and sometimes uneven incline 
  • Kid-friendly (ages: 7+ due to uneven terrain)

5. Mount McCoy 

Mount McCoy Simi

This hike is quite popular among young Simi residents, especially if you look among their Instagram accounts. Atop Mount McCoy, hikers can see a close, direct view of the entire city of Simi in addition to views of Moorpark. You are quite literally on top of the valley and the 360 degree views are just astounding to say the least.

It’s another trail that has an incline but it’s of course totally worth the trek once you reach the top. Many residents hike this trail in the early morning to watch the sun rise from the opposite side of the valley, which is probably the most ideal time to do the hike if you ask locals!

  • Walk with consistent and sometimes uneven incline 
  • Kid-friendly (ages: 7+ due to uneven terrain)
  • Benches can be found on top of the mountain

For more information visit Rancho Simi Trails.

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