Embrace Fall Magic: Top Things to Do in Simi Valley

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As the air turns crisp and leaves paint the landscape in vibrant hues, it’s time to welcome the enchanting season of fall. And what better place to savor the beauty of autumn than in Simi Valley? Enjoy a plethora of activities to make the most of this cozy season. From pumpkin patches to scenic hikes, here are the top fall things to do in Simi Valley.

  1. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Nothing quite sets the tone for fall like a visit to a pumpkin patch. Nearby, one of the most popular fall events in Ventura County takes place during the month of October, the Fall Harvest Festival at Underwood Farms! Not only can you find pumpkins in all shapes and sizes, but fun activities like corn mazes, tractor rides, a petting zoo and more, making it a great experience for the whole family.

  1. Explore the Great Outdoors

Simi Valley is renowned for its stunning natural landscapes, and fall is an ideal time to explore them. Lace up your hiking boots and embark on scenic trails like the Rocky Peak Trail or Hummingbird Creek Trail. These hikes provide captivating views of the changing foliage and offer a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

  1. Spend some time on the Coffee and Breakfast Trail

As the vibrant colors of fall paint the landscape of Simi Valley, there’s no better time to embark on the Coffee & Breakfast Trail. The trail promises not only the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee but also the comfort of a hearty breakfast amidst the crisp air and changing leaves. From charming cafes adorned with fall decorations to cozy eateries offering pumpkin-spiced treats, each stop along the trail encapsulates the essence of autumn.

  1. Attend a Spooky Event!

Would fall be complete without some spooky Halloweeen events? Keep an eye out on our calendar for local events that celebrate the season, such as Heritage Halloween, the Simi Valley Halloween Carnival, harvest festivals, craft fairs, and more! These festivals often feature live music, delicious food, artisan crafts, and activities for all ages.

  1. Tour the Historic Reagan Library

Simi Valley boasts a rich history, and fall is an excellent time to delve into its past. Visit the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, where you can explore the Auschwitz Exhibit or regular exhibits, learn about the 40th President of the United States, and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding hills. The panoramic setting of the library is especially captivating during the fall months.

  1. Experience Wine Tasting

Fall is synonymous with harvest season, making it the perfect time to indulge in wine tasting. Visit Simi Valley’s first tasting room, Nectar of the Dogs. The tasting room features a rotating tasting menu highlighting the most current portfolio of wine from a wide selection of wines sourced from boutique wineries in California. A percentage of every wine bottle sold contributes to supporting local nonprofit dog rescues.

  1. Capture the Fall Foliage

Photographers and nature enthusiasts alike will revel in the beauty of fall foliage in Simi Valley. The color-changing leaves create a picturesque backdrop for capturing stunning photographs. Great locations include Strathearn Historical Park, the Reagan Library and Santa Susana Park. Whether you’re an amateur photographer or simply seeking to update your Instagram feed, the autumnal landscapes offer endless opportunities for breathtaking snapshots.

From pumpkin patches to historic sites, there’s no shortage of fall-themed activities to enjoy in Simi Valley. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor exploring the area, embracing these top fall things to do in Simi Valley will undoubtedly make this season a memorable one. So, grab your sweater and embark on a journey to experience the magic of fall in this idyllic Southern California gem.

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